chartered notaries

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Leo Cosyns was barrister at the Court of Appeal in Ghent since 1903 when in 1913 he was appointed notary in Meerbeke. He exercised this function till his dead in 1964.

In the 19th century Joseph Leenaert and Oreste Van der Schueren were already notary Meerbeke. They moved after several years practice in Meerbeke to Ninove.

In 1964, Romain Poodts was appointed notary in Meerbeke. He was notary to his dismissal in 1988. He died on February 21, 2002.

By Royal Decree of June 30, 1988 Thierry Van Sinay was appointed notary in Meerbeke (Ninove). The swearing in took place on July 11, 1988.

Daisy Bracke was legal officer and collaborator in the office. She was appointed associate notary by Ministrial Decree of July 8th 2011. She became associate notary on Augusth 8th 2011. She has a master degree in company law and ended the course "mediation" with "excellence".

Thierry Van Sinay was previously an assistant at the KULeuven (contract law). He is now teaching notarial practice at this university.

Thierry Van Sinay is custodian of the deeds of the notaries Leo Cosyns and Romain Poodts. The deeds of notary Cosyns Leo from 1913 to September 15, 1949 were, according to law, registered in the State Archives at Beveren.